A Wonderful Journey Into The Magical World of Peeling

Peeling is magic! It treats skin conditions from acne to scars to pigmentation and to wrinkles. Rubbing peeling into the skin removes dead cells, revealing a younger and refreshed complexion with improved texture and tone.

To work the magic, the peeling must be tailored to your skin type and condition. Various peelings contain different active ingredients and vary in exfoliation   strength.

Unlike deep peeling ( high acidity, deep exfoliation, long recovery time and use only in winter) only licensed cosmeticians or doctors are allowed to perform, home peeling can be done by everyone. It is gentle yet effective, removing the upper layer, excessive oil and dirt from the pores.   

What peeling should you use?

Dry skin- use gentle peel and make sure you apply rich moisture afterwards. Recommended once a week during the summer and once every 10 days in winter. 

Oily skin, open pores use granules peeling twice-three times a week. It will clean the skin and pores, remove dead cells and prevent the appearance of black heads.

Active acne skin – do not use granule peel. Use salicylic acid to dissolve oil accumulated in the pores and promote healing.

Normal skin – apply twice a week any type of peeling you like.

Important advice:

Do not use daily! It will dry the skin!  Twice a week will suffice, or once a week on sensitive skin.

Make sure you apply masks and moisturizing creams with hyaluronic acid. 

Pregnant or breast feeding? Do not use peeling with retinol!

Dark skin? Pay attention! Skin prone to pigmentation secretes melanin and will react badly to deep or frequent peeling. The pigmentation will worsen. Most peelings for pigmented skin are designed to be used during the winter only. Christina has a solution! Ideal peeling to be used throughout all the seasons of the year! It regulates melanin secretion and  leaves the skin smoother and brighter. 

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