10 Mistakes leading to dry skin

With the onset of winter, levels of air humidity drop, affecting our skin dramatically. It becomes dry and starts peeling. Lack of elasticity leads to the appearance of fine lines and deeper looking wrinkles under makeup.

We can prevent this from happening by following Orly Sagi’s - Christina chief trainer - treatment protocol:

1. Do you use soap?

WRONG! Most solid soaps contain ingredients that dry the skin. For instance, surfactants absorbs oil and water and our skin feels clean after usage, but does not have enough moisture left. I recommend using soaps that do not froth and are tailored to dry skin.

PRO TIP: Forget about soap during the winter. Use Muse Milky Cleanser instead. It does the job and preserves skin’s natural moisture.

2. Pay attention to water temperature!
Pay attention to water temperature! Hot showers are wonderful in winter, but hot water washes away natural sebum, leaving the skin without the protective layer. As a result, the moisture will evaporate, the skin will dry and start itching. Long showers with colder water will have the same effect. The blood vessels will shrink and lead to dryness. Lukewarm water is ideal for facial skin.

3. Serum is the ideal skincare product for ageing skin.
If your skin is dry and shows signs of ageing, you must apply serum that binds your moisturizing cream to the skin for hours. (Dry skin has difficulty in retaining moisture, and therefore the serum is the perfect solution).


Oily Skin


4. I am loyal to my moisturizing cream.
It is 10 times more important in winter, when the air outdoors and the air indoors (caused by heating) is dry. Some think fat is the right solution. Wrong! Imagine a raisin in a glass of water and a raisin in a glass of oil. The one in water will expand while the one in oil will remain unchanged. This is exactly what happens to our skin. It needs moisture molecules that penetrate into the depth of the cells and not fat that only coats the upper skin layer.

Apply nourishing night cream on cleansed face before going to bed. Quality nourishing cream will rehabilitate the skin with the help of the vitamins, humectants and anti-aging ingredients it contains.

5. Using makeup wipes is wrong.
They contain chemicals that, if left on the skin, will dry and irritate it.

6.Use of a cleansing mask.
Use of a cleansing mask should always be immediately followed by serum and suitable moisturizing cream.

7. Aggressive face wiping is wrong!
Do it  by gently patting the face to avoid drying and irritation.

8. Products used by those with oily or acne skin absorb oil but do not supply enough moisture.
Frequent use to prevent excessive shininess will dry the skin, damage the skin barrier and trigger pimple formation due to the penetration of bacteria and pollutants. I recommend using a less aggressive soap and tonic water. Choose gentle ones, alcohol free and containing botanical essences with enhanced cleansing and purifying properties.

9. We wear wool or synthetic material scarfs to keep us warm.
If our skin is already dry, they will cause irritation and subsequent inflammation. We recommend choosing natural, soft fabrics..

10. Frequent use of peeling is wrong!
Reduce it to 50%. In winter the skin becomes dry and its barrier is damaged. I recommend to emphasize the rehabilitation of the skin barrier with Unstress quick performance calming cream which I call “rescue cream”, suitable for dry and irritated skin conditions.

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