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The new Muse product line combines the Christina Company’s huge reservoir of innovation, knowledge and experience wrapped in the pleasures and aroma of the Rose. The Rose Petal Perfection will translate into your skin’s prolonged youthful beauty and health.

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▸ The Rose - Queen of the Flowers ▸ The Problem ▸ Our Solution ▸ Muse Ingredients - the Ultimate in Science ▸ In–salon and spa treatment overview

The Rose - Queen of the Flowers

These tender flowers have served as a symbol of beauty and a Muse inspiring artistic masterpieces for centuries. Today the Muse of the rose continues to provide new inspiration in a variety of different fields. Within the petals of the rose one can find an entire world of properties and qualities of medical value. The field of modern cosmetics has translated these properties into practical applications.

Muse, the new product line launched by Christina, combines the inner beauty secrets of the rose together with state of the art scientific discoveries to achieve the best possible results.

Muse – Christina’s formula for younger looking, more beautiful skin that lasts much longer.

The Problem

As we age, the skin’s defense barrier function becomes crucial to keeping the skin healthy and young looking. Important factors for maintaining a proper and impermeable barrier function are optimal lipid homeostasis and cell detoxification. The skin barrier is affected by exogenous and endogenous aggressions and toxins, which have a great impact on cell regeneration.

Skin dryness, common in the ageing process, is usually the result of a decrease in lipid homeostasis, a cause of major moisture loss and barrier dysfunction. Christina’s Muse product line assists in keeping the skin’s defense barrier functioning at the best possible level.

Our Solution

Looking Younger Much Longer!

The Muse treatment combines the pleasant delights of the rose together with award winning scientific formulas. Muse addresses the causes and symptoms of a deteriorating defense barrier from every angle, with a gentle soothing treatment that includes ingredients that detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Muse Treatment Benefits:
  • Award winning technology that assists in regenerating the skin’s natural defense barrier, prolonging the life of the skin’s cells.
  • Revitalizes the skin, increasing its vitality.
  • Total beauty complex that enriches the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it.

    Muse Ingredients - the Ultimate in Science

    Telosense Active

    The latest award winning tool which prevents telomere erosion. Research has shown that telomeres, a repetition of the TTAGGG sequence of nucleotides 5 (measuring thousands of base pairs in length), play an important role in cell division, as they help preserve DNA information.

    As we age, telomeres shorten with each cell division. A complex of hydrolyzed soy and yeast proteins designed to help protect telomeres cap and protect cell chromosomes. Telosense Active assists in delaying cellular senescence, which improves cell longevity.

  • Improves cell longevity.
  • Preserves skin’s youthful texture, protecting it from premature ageing.
  • The skin’s overall appearance is improved immensely, leaving it smoother and brighter looking. Alp Rose Stem-Cells Produced.

    Alp Rose Stem-Cells

    Produced from a very resilient plant that grows on mountain sides in the Swiss Alps, at altitudes of up to 3,200m. This rose can be found blooming on hillsides where it has to adapt to severe temperatures and extreme environmental change, making it ideal to protect, maintain and repair the skin’s resistance to environmental aggressions.

  • Protects the skin’s most valuable asset, the stem cells, the most fragile of cells can be significantly weakened by environmental elements and induced stress.
  • Boosts epidermal regeneration.
  • Improves the skin’s defenses.

    Detox Peptide

    Based on mushroom extract (tremella fuciformis) and hexapeptie Fe-III. Normal cell growth requires a well-controlled balance between the cell synthesis and degradation. The skin is affected by daily accumulated harmful toxins (ROS=peroxides), leading to premature ageing. Toxins in our skin cause DNA damage, cellular malfunction, protein damage and lipid peroxidation.

  • Cleanses skin and neutralizes toxins activity.
  • Prevents skin’s premature ageing.
  • Prompts cell regeneration.
  • Maintains optimal levels of cell synthesis and reduces degradation.

    iFlax Extract

    Designed to help the skin optimize lipid homeostasis by boosting the stratum corneum intercellular lipid synthesis. This assists in overall skin recovery and protection and provides clear visible results.

  • Enriched nourishment of the skin and assistance in maintaining optimal moisture.
  • Substantial improvement in skin’s elasticity. The skin appears more radiant and smooth.

    Capuacu Butter

    Made from the seeds of the cupuacu tree commonly found in tropical rainforests in northern Brazil. Its capacity to retain water in the epidermis offers supreme hydration, effectively improving the skin’s natural defense barrier.

  • Offers hydration for improved elasticity and anti-inflammation.
  • Enhances the natural defense barrier for a younger looking skin.

    Cotton Bloom Extract

    An oligosaccharide designed to improve skin barrier function and reduce the appearance of irritations. Composed of 5 specific oligosaccharides (fructose, sucrose, glucose inositol, and trehalose) for skin hydration, nutrition and protection.

  • Improves and protects the skin barrier function.
  • Reduces the appearance of irritated skin, calms the skin.
  • Overall texture softer, more flexible and smoother.

    Parsley Extract (Petroselinum Crispum)

    A rich source of nutrients and antioxidants with powers promoting skin renewal, exfoliation and detoxification. Another important feature of parsley extract is its antimicrobial action, which protects the skin against the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms that often lead to skin breakouts and blemishes.

  • Promotes skin detoxification.
  • Protects the skin against harmful external effects.
  • Contains high percentage of effective antioxidants.

    ActiRose Complex

    Used in traditional skin care products, the ActiRose Complex is recognized for its moisturizing and skin rejuvenation properties. Our unique ActiRose Complex is based on specifically chosen rare rose species with enhanced hydrating and nourishing qualities, provided by the hyalurodin base enzyme.

  • Maintains optimal levels of hyaluronic acid.
  • Revitalizes the skin, preserving its youthful appearance.
  • Moisturizes the skin and nourishes it with essential nutrients.

    Rose Petal Extract

    A special blend of Bulgarian rose (rosa damascene) and French rose (rosa gallica). Its mildness has soothing and refreshing properties. The roses have been used as a remedy for generations. The oldest known cleansing and anti-wrinkle creams dating back to the Roman era are based on roses.

  • Moisturizing, anti-inflammation and skin rejuvenation properties.
  • Protects skin cells from oxidative damage.
  • Provides elasticity and blurs wrinkles.

    In–Salon and Spa Treatment Overview

    Step 1 - Milky Cleanser: A gentle, pleasant lotion for cleansing and removing makeup. Cleans the skin of products that are both water and oil soluble. Calms and refreshes the skin, leaving it softer and smoother.

    Step 2a - Light Rose Peel: This peeling treatment purifies the skin and assists in removing dead skin cells. Green tea extracts detoxify, while rose acids refresh and soften the skin, leaving it revitalized and smooth.

    Step 2b - Fortified Rose Peel: A powerful peeling treatment that purifies and assists in detoxifying the skin. Green tea extract, rose and glycolic acids renew and rejuvenate the skin and encourage the production of collagen, increasing skin’s elasticity.

    Step 3 - Illuminating Gommage: This effective peeling cream absorbs toxins, dead and damaged skin cells. Contains parsley extract that assists in detoxifying and preventing environmental damage. The treatment is ideal for maximizing the skin’s renewal and rejuvenation treatment.

    Step 4 - Rose Extract Splash: A stabilizing and calming extract. Combines a sugar complex with unique flower essences such as blue daisy extract and rose petal extract. Moisturizes and refreshes the skin. 

    Step 5 - Indulging Massage Oil: The enriching, pampering and calming oil improves the skin’s metabolism and nourishes it with essential ingredients. The Massage Ozil intensifies the entire treatment experience, leaving a rich scent of the rose that will accompany the customer to the next step.

    Step 6 - Beauty Mask:This nourishing and calming mask contains a high concentration of capuacu butter and flax extract. The optimal, rich, full texture of the Beauty Mask is designed to restore the skin’s vibrancy and provide it with a softer, younger look.

    Step 7 - Serum Supreme: A unique, advanced formula designed to strengthen the functioning of the natural defense barrier of the skin. Protects against environmental stress damage and helps significantly in removing toxins. The serum contains unique peptides that purify the skin, increasing its metabolic rate and delaying the ageing process. The serum leaves the skin with renewed vitality that radiates youth.

    Step 8 - Shielding Day Cream SPF 30: This enriched and prestigious formula assists in maintaining the skin’s health and vitality. The cream creates a protective shield against UV rays and free radicals. It renews, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, tightening and leaving it with a younger, vibrant look.