LINE REPAIR addresses the symptoms and manifestations of loss of vitality and beauty,starting with cleansing and purifying and ending with renewal and protection of glowing skin.The skin will look smooth, revitalized and radiant.
Christina line repair

“Skin treated from within will glow on the outside”

Over the past few years, skin appearance has shifted from aesthetic aspirations to healthy skin treatments benefits. Skin properly treated from within turns glowing and vital on the outside. Genuine, healthy glow is not a momentary effect, but the result of constant, in depth activity that prompts the skin towards essential biological processes and restauration of natural balance for a radiant and revitalized appearance. 
The effect of passing time and environment – uneven tone, spots, sagging and more - becomes visible, inpacting on the desired glow and vitality, making the skin appear dull and tired and older than its true age. 

“Skin treated from within will glow on the outside” – this is the approach we adopted for more than 40 years and successfully implemented for the benefit of cosmeticians and customers in more than 60 countries around the world.

• increased oxygen supply to cells 
• optimal hydration 
• smooth and even toned skin


NUTRIENT - Replenishment

NUTRIENT products addresses tired, greyish and sometimes red and irritated skin. Combines superfoods like bakuchiol, berries and curcumin to strengthen natural defenses and prevent premature skin ageing. Restores skin's surface ecosystem and proper barrier function. Maintains skin health and well-being and delays the ageing process.

FIX - Renewal

FIX is a combination of retinol and Retinol-Ester a new generation of Retinoid (HPR). It is more stable and causes less irritation.. FIX additional ingredients marine EGF, vitamin C and HA support the activity of retinols. Together they promote enhanced metabolism and skin regeneration, resulting in improved texture and density, vitality and radiance.

FIRM - Firming

FIRM prevents changes in collagen fibers that occur over years and lead to a tired and ageing appearance. It promotes collagen production and boosts general renewal. The skin is tight, refreshed and younger-looking.

Hydra - Plumping

HYDRA – the answer to loss of elasticity and premature ageing. Increases the water reservoir and protects the elastin fibers. Active ingredients include elastin repair active, encapsulated hyaluronic acid, 3luronic acid complex and multiple moisturizers. All combined leave the skin re-voluminized, elastic and glowing.

GLOW - Rediance

GLOW the ultimate glow restorer! Dull, lackluster skin turns glowing, even-toned and healthier. Based on antiaging novel ingredients Radiance Enhancer and Energy Booster for better blood flow in the capillaries and enhanced metabolism. Plankton algae improve cell respiration and increase oxygenation for a radiant, revitalized and lighter skin appearance.


Radiance enhancer

Radiance enhancer, the anti-ageing active, boosts blood flow to capillaries, improves cell metabolism and increases oxygen levels in skin. Based on the fruit of Evodia rutaecarpa, it helps relax the micro-vessel walls, leading to significant improvement in brightness and transparency

Energy booster

Unique combination of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial components of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and amino acids. Energy Booster delivers real benefits by boosting the skin’s oxygen content and consumption to help provide energized, revitalized skin that looks and feels good.

Unicellular plankton

Unicellular plankton algae producing a large amount of oxygen and providing it to the skin. Enriched with arginine ferulate based on arginine (essential amino acids) and ferulic acid acting as skin protector. Stimulates cell production in the epidermis and protein fibers in the dermis. Has anti-bacterial properties, improves circulation and increases mitochondrial energy

Botanical hydrator

A new generation of natural hydration active ingredient called osmo-hydration. As a natural source of betaine, it increases osmolytes content in keratinocytes and stimulates their transporters to accelerate intracellular water intake and volume recovery.

Moisture complex

Balanced moisturizing complex forms an intelligent structural bi-layer on the skin’s surface, helping to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and deliver up to 72 hours of visible hydration. By adapting to the surrounding environment, also optimizes hydration by regulating water loss at different temperatures and humidity levels.

Keratolytic complex

Salicylic acid & mulberry extract in combination with pineapple extracts – based on BHA and botanical enzymes pectin and bromelain respectively. Gently exfoliates by breaking down cells adhesion and boosts cell renewal, promoting an even skin tone.