Your Guide to “How to get rid of acne”

Acne is a skin condition characteristic not only of teenagers, but also of grownups. There are different types of acne, depending on what causes it. In teenagers the cause is hormonal and genetic together with excessive oil secretion. In grownups it is caused by hormonal changes and tends to be more severe, more painful and longer lasting.
 How to get rid of acneHow to get rid of acne

also additional types of acne: sports related acne (i.e. pimples around the cap brim); pimples on a baby’s face (they appear when the baby is breastfed and exposed to the hormones in the mother’s milk); pregnancy acne; occupational acne (working in kitchens or gas stations)
Acne triggers:
  1. Propionibacterium acnes bacteria proliferating in the sebum gland. The bacteria’s secretion stimulates the hair follicle and causes acne.
  2. Cells rising to the surface clog pores, allowing for bacteria proliferation.
  3. The sebum gland secretes oil in excess, clogging pores and leading to acne.

Acne vulgaris (the most common form of acne) main manifestations:
Comedones - (black or white heads) on face, back, chest are actually hair follicle clogged by dead cells or excessive sebum.

Papules – (red bumps in the skin) advanced form of comedones in inflammatory and painful condition.
Pustules – aka pimple, looking like a white head full of puss with a swollen, reddish border.

Skin care that helps clear acne

First of all, remember that popping pimples is the worst you can do, and it actually worsens the condition, causing scarring and trauma to the skin. Using an anti-bacterial soap washes away excessive oil, however, do not use it more than twice a day, as it might irritate, stimulate sebum secretion and worsen acne.
 Marine C Thiopeptide – anti inflammation and anti-bacterial prevents acne spreading, comedones formation, and speeds up the healing process. It can be found inCOMODEX  Clean & Clear Cleanse.


Removing dead cells from the depth of pores improves skin condition and boosts renewal. A gentle peeling that does not irritate can be achieved with products combining botanical extracts and salicylic acid. Dead cells and toxins are removed  from the depth of pores, and cells are recharged with oxygen with BIOPHYTO Herbal Complex.

GLOW Oxygen Peelis perfect for removing dead cells and keratin plugs that clog pores. It incorporates acids and enzymes and is enriched with plankton algae that deliver oxygen that easily kills acne bacteria.  

There is a belief that moisture is not necessary for oily skin. Completely wrong!  

  1. Dehydration damages the skin barrier,   allowing for   penetration of bacteria, toxins and pollutants that weaken the natural defense mechanism.
  2. When the water reservoir in the deeper layers is depleted, the skin loses its ability to rehabilitate, increasing significantly the danger of post acne scars.

To prevent these negative effects and protect the skin during sun exposure, opt for a day cream with maximum SPF 15.  Anything above SPF 15 is too heavy on the skin. It is very important to protect skin recovering from acne in order to avoid pigmentation spots during exposure to sun. Lightweight COMODEX Mattify & Protect Cream SPF 15 with Kollaren biomimetic peptide boosts renewal and speeds up the healing process. 

Lightweight Hydra Elastin Collagen daily use is recommended restore the water reservoir. Well hydrated skin turns vital and the healing process improves, preventing scarring.
Incorporating salicylic acid leads to removal of dead cells and excessive sebum that clog pores. In the case of inflammation and skin diseases, it is highly efficient thanks to its strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Effective but not aggressive in concentration of 1-2%. It dissolves lipids and oils that bond together dead cells. Without this bond that prompts acne, acne symptoms become milder. It is recommended to start with gradual usage (2-3 times a week), and once you feel comfortable increase to daily use. Salicylic acid inCOMODEX Renew & Repairtreatment gel boosts renewal without irritating while inhibiting bacteria proliferation and inflammation. Suitable for recurrent acne breakouts.

BIOPHYTO Normalizing Night Cream based on salicylic acid combines potent natural extracts that rebalance acneic skin.
Acne requires dermatologists’ and beauticians’ treatment and guidance. Applying the right skincare products is essential in dealing with acne. The emphasis is on skin hygiene, unclogging pores and eliminating bacteria. Look for products that balance anti-microbial activity, moderate sebum gland secretion, and perform light peeling to remove dead cells.   Night treatment products rehabilitate scarred tissues and protect against pollutants. 

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