The Vicious Circle of Spots

Pregnancy spots, pigmentation spots, age spots, sun spots, hormonal spots, acne scars...Spots, spots, spots!!!

They come in all shapes and tones, and we would all love to make them disappear.

You have surely tried all possible treatments, spent tons of money on products that promised to rid you of them, but the spots are still there… And all women and men around the world want is a smooth, even-toned skin!


Reasons for spots appearance

  • uncontrolled expose to sun may cause appearance of spots years later
  • unbalanced hormonal activity (during and after pregnancy, medication)
  • natural ageing process
  • genetics, especially in darker skin that is more prone to spots
  • stress, irritation, trauma (burns, injuries)
  • acne scars

Those with darker skin must know: dark skin is very sensitive and pigmentation appears in abundance very quickly. It is important to use brightening skincare products specifically created for dark skin.

Do spots recur? This is how you stop the vicious circle

Brightening products are very susceptible to sun rays, and most of them are therefore not suitable to be used during the summer. If used during the wrong season, they can cause more harm than good, or, in other words, they can enhance spot formation.

In order to ensure good and lasting results, products suitable for use throughout all seasons of the year are recommended, together with minimal or no exposure to sun rays during the treatment.

Treatment method

Before choosing the most suitable treatment for your skin, think about how you can prevent worsening existing spots or appearance of new ones.

  • avoid unnecessary exposure to sun
  • use big sunglasses to cover the sensitive area around the eyes
  • apply moisturizing cream with SPF above 30 every two hours, all year round.
  • wear a hat, use an anti-sun screen while driving, walk or jog very early in the morning or in the evening

Non-invasive treatments

  • home care with products with brightening active ingredients, specifically designed for use on all skin types and tones all year round
  • in salon routine, focused treatments with non-irritating products designed for use all year round
  • combination of in-salon and home care treatments

Invasive treatments (not recommended for dark skin)

  • exfoliating peelings
  • laser or other light technologies

Regardless of the treatment you chose, remember! Home follow-up treatment is essential in preserving results over time!

Start the treatment ASAP in order to restore to your an even tone and a healthy appearance!

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