Facial Treatment During Pregnancy

What excitement! What joy! Pregnancy and giving birth are moments of sublime happiness and fulfillment.

However, caution with the products applied during pregnancy is required. Many products contain unsuitable active ingredients and treatment routines might have to be replaced so as to address hormonal changes that affect appearance of the facial skin.

pregnant women

What to expect from facial skin during pregnancy

Some think the gender of the baby affects the skin, others think there is no connection. Regardless of the popular belief, pregnant women can be divided into two categories: those whose skin thrives, appearing more radiant and vital than ever, and those whose hormonal changes make the skin appear sweaty, with rashes, acne or pigmentation spots.

Those in the latter category should start treating all the unwanted manifestations so that at the end of the hormonal period the skin will look vital and healthy.

Warning! Using products containing retin-A or retinol might hurt the development of the fetus. Undergoing treatments with energy-based devices (radio frequency, ultrasound, laser, galvanic) is not recommended.

The Problem and the Solution

Rashes following excess perspiration (a natural occurrence during pregnancy, when you feel hot and the sweat glands are activated) are the result of dead cells clogging the pores. If the weather is hot and humid, irritations and redness can also kick in. The treatment is simple and easy. When taking a shower, wash your face with soap and then apply grains or granules peels. Such peels unclog the pores, promoting a smoother and healthier skin. Repeat the treatment 2-3 times a week. You can use the same treatment every day on your body if it is full of rashes.

Acne – Enhanced hormonal activity may lead to manifestations characteristic of teen years. The skin becomes oily, black and white heads proliferate and acne scars appear all over the face and body. These frustrating occurrences are the result of lack of balance affecting sebaceous gland activity, and they require treatment with specifically targeted skin care products.

Acne Treatment Routine During Pregnancy

Morning & evening – Wash the face twice a day with anti bacterial soap and wipe with cleansing tonic.

Every night – Apply products with active ingredients (no retinol, phenol or antibiotics) that fight acne bacteria and help balance the skin.

Every morning – Apply an oil-free moisturizing product with SPF to prevent spots after acne wounds heal (the cells responsible for skin pigmentation are active in the healing process).

Hyper pigmentation – Melasma spots are common in many women. They look like butterflies on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and chin. Melasma present during pregnancy is due to the increased amounts of estrogen, and it can also be seen around the belly button and other intimate areas. Brightening treatments are the right ones to deal with the problem.

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Are brightening treatments safe during pregnancy?

In salon and home care brightening treatments are allowed and highly recommended, provided there is no medical contraindication.

Many women hesitate and prefer brightening treatments after giving birth, but this is the wrong decision. Spots may become darker during pregnancy, leading to enhanced hyper pigmentation and uneven tone, and treatment may become difficult if too much time elapses.

True, there are unsafe products, but there are also safe ones! It is recommended to choose products with high concentrations of vitamin C and plant extracts that balance melanin production, such products will brighten existing spots and prevent formation of new ones in the future.

Hyper pigmentation treatment during the summer, when susceptibility to spots is higher

Curcumin extract, liquorices root extract, Chilean Boldo tree extract, vitamin C & vitamin B3 have enhanced brightening properties, and do not jeopardize pregnancy.

Moreover, these ingredients protect the skin against sun rays and environmental pollutants.

Important rules to be followed:

  • wear a hat outdoors
  • make sure there is a car sunshade in your car
  • walk in the shade or take your walks in the evening
  • avoid exposure to sun
  • use skin care products with SPF 30 and above

Treatment routine for brightening pigmentation spots during pregnancy

Brightening soap and tonic help thoroughly cleanse the skin and prepare it for optimal penetration of brightening products.

Morning: Apply brightening serum with high concentrations of vitamin C on cleansed face. It rehabilitates damage done by sun rays, brightens and delays damage to collagen fibers.
Continue with moisturizing cream with SPF30 and above.

Evening: Apply brightening serum with high concentrations of vitamin C for enhanced results. Do not use brightening night creams since most of them contain retinol. 

Medical or cosmetic clinic? 

I strongly recommend one of the in-salon professional brightening treatments. They will boost brightening and radiance!

Your cosmetician or aesthetic doctor must be informed of the pregnancy, so they will avoid using skin care products unsuitable during pregnancy.

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