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Silk luxurious anti-ageing treatment addresses the causes and symptoms of ageing skin by instantly filling in wrinkles, fine lines and improving skin elasticity. After only one pampering Silk treatment, customers are delighted to see and feel a silk-like, smooth complexion. They leave the salon elated, knowing they will be admired and complimented later on, at a social event, for looking their absolute best.

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▸ The Problem ▸ Our Solution ▸ Benefits ▸ The Science Behind Silk ▸ In–salon and spa treatment overview

The Problem

Wrinkles and expression lines are the first external signs of skin ageing. Many salon treatments address these symptoms, but leave the client’s face red and irritated.

Our Solution

The Silk treatment can be performed before a special occasion for immediate visual effects, without irritation of sensitive, seborrheic or couperose skin. Gentle silk fibers and proteins penetrate into the skin and reinforce the natural collagen matrix for an absolutely flawless skin.

Silk scientifically advanced wrinkle-filling treatment features, among others, a polysilicone elastomer which creates the appearance of a naturally silky, smooth skin, while it simultaneously minimizes the internal causes of facial creases with its cuttingedge γ-aminobutyric acid. This acid gently blocks the electric signal transmissions path between the nerve ending and vacuoles to minimize skin contortion and the formation of wrinkles from within. After just one silk treatment, there is a guaranteed 80% decrease in the appearance of fine lines. When used together with Silk home care products, long-term wrinkle reduction is experienced.


Silk immediate benefits:
  • Smoothes, firms and tightens skin for immediate, visible results.
  • Moisturizing formulas leave skin soft and glowing.
  • Infuses vitamins and rejuvenates tired skin.
  • Appropriate for sensitive, seborrheic and couperose skin.
  • Ideal for instant results when customers need to look their best.
  • 80% reduction in fine lines within 10 minutes.
  • Restores optimal pH levels without irritating.

  • Silk long-term benefits:
  • Smoothes irregularities in fatty acids.
  • Promotes healthy cells growth.
  • 25% reduction in fine lines within 3 months.
  • Acts as a protective shield against oxidative stress.
  • Strengthens the connective tissue by increasing the formation of collagen-I.
  • Improves micro-circulation and strengthens collagen and elastin matrix.

    The Science Behind Silk

    Based on a combination of powerful active ingredients designed to achieve immediate results, Silk instantly lifts and firms the skin.

    • Biological silk fibers are absorbed into the skin to repair and strengthen damaged collagen fibers. This action tightens, firms and lifts the skin. These natural fibers also improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture and boost micro-circulation for a younger, healthier looking skin.
    • γ-aminobutyric acid minimizes facial creasing by blocking the electric signal transmission pathways between the nerve endings and the vacuoles. Blocking the signal pathways reduces skin contortion and prevents the development of facial expression lines and the formation of wrinkles.
    • Scientifically advanced wrinkle-filling serum - a polysilicone elastomer which fills in wrinkles and instantly leaves the skin silky smooth.

    In–Salon and Spa Treatment Overview

    Step 1 - Gentle Cleansing Cream: This Gentle Cleansing Cream removes surface impurities, leaving the skin clean and refreshed, without irritating or drying it.

    Step 2 - Soothing Exfoliator: The Soothing Exfoliator, enriched with natural Papaya Carica, anti-oxidants, flavonoids and firming tannins, gently removes the skin’s outer layer while breaking down free radicals, without causing redness.

    Step 3 - Active Toner:The alcohol-free Active Toner completes the cleansing process. Contains alpha hydroxyl and natural soap extracts that remove any dull surface and pollutants still remaining below the surface, balancing pH levels and leaving the skin eventoned.



    Step 4 - Base Cream Mask: The Base Cream Mask increases blood circulation and maintains optimal skin surface temperature to enable maximum absorption of active ingredients. The leave-on mask prepares the skin for step 5 - optimal absorption of Silk Fibers.

    Step 5 - Silk Fiber and Silk Fiber Activator: The protein enriched Silk Fibers & Silk Fiber Activator create a supportive layer to instantly lift, smooth and strengthen the skin’s natural structure, leaving it even-toned and younger looking. This luxurious treatment is the secret to Silk’s instant pampering results. 

    Step 6 - Multivitamin Drops: The antioxidant, rich Multivitamin Drops enhance the effect of the Silk Fibers by boosting the production of key enzymes and infusing the skin with essential nutrients that firm the ceramides layer and rejuvenate ageing skin. The drops prepare the skin for the Remodeling Mask.

    Step 7 - Remodeling Mask:The cool and calming Remodeling Mask is rich in natural antioxidants and plant enzymes. The form-fitting mask leaves a layer of elastic fibers that remodel skin texture, providing an immediate lifting effect that is both felt and seen.

    Step 8 - Silky Serum: The Silky Serum is a pampering treatment that provides the perfect finish for a smooth, flawless skin. It instantly fills in wrinkles while hydrating, improving blood flow and promoting healthy cell regeneration.