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Wish is an innovative anti-ageing treatment for mature skin that slows down and reverses skin damage. Wish boosts the body’s natural anti-ageing mechanisms with its rich blend of active ingredients. Together with Christina’s line of Wish home care products, Wish professional treatments ensure real, long term improvements in skin quality, for a younger, smoother and even-toned looking skin.

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The Problem Our Solution The Science Behind Scientifically Advanced Peptide Performance In–salon and spa treatment overview

The Problem

Wrinkled, dull and thin skin textures are well recognized and unavoidable signs of ageing, the result of natural processes such as reduced skin elasticity, muscle movement, natural water loss, free radicals, hormonal imbalance, slowed down metabolism and natural skin thinning. These natural processes are accelerated by environmental factors such as damaging sun rays, pollution, harsh weather conditions and personal lifestyles including unhealthy diets, alcohol consumption, smoking and medication.

Preventing ageing and promoting a younger looking skin requires extensive, pro-active treatments and entails more than merely focusing on the earliest signs of maturing skin such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Solution

Wish reverses skin damage by fortifying the skin’s own natural repair abilities. Christina’s unique combination of advanced biopeptides, antioxidants, brighteners and rejuvenators has been clinically proven to stimulate tissue regeneration, induce cellular renewal and promote collagen synthesis for improved skin vitality, immunity, and metabolism.

Wish treats the internal and external causes of maturing skin by supplementing and enhancing natural antiageing mechanisms and restoring its natural, healthy structural properties. It promotes epidermal regeneration and strengthens the inter-cellular matrix. Moreover, it improves water retention for increased volume, suppleness and an overall healthier appearance.

Wish features a combination of the most advanced active ingredients including thioctic, phytic and ferulic acids, Idealift, melatonin, the youth accelerator Cimicifuga Racemosa and lycopene, to effectively fight free radicals with advanced skin penetrating agents, protect skin from damaging environmental factors, treat and prevent collagen loss and treat non-visible infections. These active ingredients smooth the skin by increasing moisture levels and skin elasticity, treat wrinkles from the inside and reduce the appearance of expression lines for a smoother, younger appearance.

Wish short-term benefits:
  • Immediate 300% increase in eye and neck moisture levels.
  • 8 hour-lasting increase in eye and neck moisture by 87%.
  • 44% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • 60% smoother eyes and neck areas.
  • Lightens, smoothes and evens skin texture.
  • Protects skin from harsh UV rays and environmental pollutants.
  • Firms and revitalizes skin.
  • Infuses skin with free radical fighting agents.
  • Wish long-term benefits:
  • Up to 38% improvement in skin elasticity.
  • 38% reduction in the appearance of expression lines.
  • Visible improvement in tightening and toning facial contour, including the jaw line.
  • Increases skin vitality and immunity.
  • Lightens skin color and tone for a more even, youthful appearance.
  • 50% increase in the lifecycle of healthy skin cells for an optimal anti-ageing effect.
  • Rebuilds tissue cells.
  • Promotes healthy cell growth and differentiation for optimal anti-ageing effect.
  • Increases the diffusion of metabolizers into the skin for increased energy and rejuvenation.

    The Science Behind Wish Results

    Wish age-defying 8-step treatment is designed to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing. It treats external symptoms while protecting the skin’s delicate balance. A unique blend of advanced peptides prevents wrinkle formation, blocking the neurotransmitter signals that cause muscles to contract.By reducing facial muscle contraction, the skin maintains its firmness, which hinders the formation of wrinkles.

    Boosted by scientifically advanced peptide performance, Wish achieves three powerful actions:

  • Highly active skin rejuvenators combined in optimal concentration reverse the internal and external signs of maturing skin by strengthening natural youth-retaining properties. Scientifically advanced active ingredient enhancers maximize skin resting state and penetration levels for optimal efficacy.

  • Multi-level protection against natural and environmental factors during the day when the skin needs protection from the environmental hazards and at night when the skin is mostly receptive to rejuvenation and correction.

  • Scientifically advanced active ingredient enhancers maximize the skin's resting state and penetration levels for optimal performance.



    Scientifically Advanced Peptide Performance 

    Wish addresses maturing skin at its core, utilizing a unique blend of advanced peptides that prevents wrinkle formation: Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzybimide Diacetate and Acetyl Glutamyl Hexapeptide-3. These peptides block the neurotransmitter signals that cause muscles to contract. By reducing facial muscle contraction, skin maintains its firmness and wrinkles cannot form.


    In–Salon and Spa Treatment Overview

    Step 1 - Micelle Microemulsion Toner: The alcohol and soap-free Micelle Microemulsion Toner thoroughly cleanses the skin, removes makeup, dirt and pollution residues, while glycolic acid gently removes dead cells. With the natural antioxidant power of pomegranate and hibiscus extracts, it cleanses and moisturizes the skin while ensuring that natural essential oils are restored. The innovative formula contains high levels of natural solvents derived from almond oil for gentle, effective toning, leaving the skin clean, moisturized and with ideal pH levels for continuous freshness.

    Step 2 - Age - Defying Exfoliator: The warming Age-Defying Exfoliator is a gentle peel, effectively nourishing and purifying, providing optimal rejuvenation. Based on a balanced combination of natural extracts infused with antioxidants, brighteners and active ingredients including ferulic, phytic and lipoic acids, the Age- Defying Exfoliator stimulates blood flow, increases cellular respiration and removes residues and toxins, while its mint oil cools the skin and reduces irritation.

    Step 2 - Forte Peel:Wish Forte Peel reveals dramatically smoother, firmer skin. Ingredients like Artemisia and apple vinegar improve blood circulation to the capillaries and lighten, brighten and tone the skin. Cleansing and purifying the skin of impurities, the peel reduces the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections, enhancing the skin’s radiance and natural vitality. *The Wish Forte Peel was developed to replace Age-Defying Exfoliator, when skin’s condition requires it.



    Step 3 - Rejuvenating Serum: Rejuvenating Serum accelerates the production of natural hormones and increases the production of healthy cells to rejuvenate and protect the skin against free radicals, sun damage and pollution. Enriched with phytic, kojic and ferulic acids to restore skin vitality, lighten hyperpigmentation, improve elasticity and increase skin immunity, promoting youthful softness and radiance.

    Step 4 - Complexion Repairing Microemulsion: Complexion Repairing Microemulsion contains a unique blend of scientifically advanced ingredients combined to enhance the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Enriched with powerful moisturizers, ferulic and phytic acids, age-fighting antioxidants and skin lighteners, it leaves the skin smooth, hydrated and healthy-looking. 

    Step 5 - Invigorating Mask: The unique Invigorating Mask, enriched with a high concentration of natural minerals like zinc, magnesium and calcium increases the absorption of restorative active ingredients into the skin for a more youthful appearance. Centella Asiatica enhances microcirculation, while anti-ageing nutrients firm and repair photo damage. Skin is left soothed, refreshed and invigorated.

    Step 6 - Reviving Mask:Wish Reviving Mask enhances microcirculation, while powerful active ingredients such as ferulic and phytic acids firm and repair damaged skin. With natural cranberry and bearberry plant extracts, it lightens the skin and increases the absorption of restorative ingredients for a more youthful appearance with a refreshed and invigorated complexion.

    Step 7 - Eye and Neck Lifting Serum: The sesame-based Lifting Serum tightens and moisturizes the skin for an immediate, visible antiwrinkle effect. Enriched with highly concentrated active proteins that shrink and tighten when applied, it immediately firms and smoothes skin by 60% and increases moisture by 30% within 30 minutes after application. This age-defying serum leaves eye and neck areas soft and as smooth as silk.

    Step 8 - Daydream Cream SPF 12: Daydream Cream SPF 12 is the final step of the Wish treatment. Rich in antioxidants, it stimulates the production of healthy cells to protect skin from environmental factors that cause premature skin ageing. Enhanced with anti-ageing phytic and ferulic acids, the cream lightens, protects, rejuvenates and increases skin vitality. Daydream Cream is fortified with Cimicifuga Racemosa for enhanced skin penetration and scientifically advanced long-lasting SPF 12 for a smooth and healthy complexion all day long.