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Forever Young, with its unique anti-ageing bio-peptide formula, reduces and prevents symptoms of ageing skin by mimicking the characteristics of natural proteins found in young skin. Innovatively capable of deep penetration, Forever Young molecules delay and reverse environmental, hormonal, biological and stressinduced damage by fortifying the skin's natural functions and protective mechanisms, and by helping rebuild lost tissue.

Essential ingredients - proteins, sea-derived albumins, vitamins, minerals, oligo elements, antioxidants, tannins, moisturizing agents, fruit acids and herbal extracts - promote cellular repair and regeneration.

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▸ The Problem ▸ Our Solution ▸ The Science Behind ▸ In–salon and spa treatment overview

The Problem

Over time skin structure begins to deteriorate and symptoms of ageing as wrinkles and expression lines become clearly visible. Wrinkles, expression lines, reduced elasticity and moisture loss are just a few easily recognized signs. Stress, illness, fatigue and hormonal imbalance can affect the skin along with climatic changes, use of unsuitable products, smoking, alcohol consumption, neglect of the skin, exposure to sun and free radicals. The body’s natural regenerative mechanisms cannot revitalize injured or damaged cells fast enough to maintain skin quality.

Our Solution

Forever Young immediate benefits:
  • Smoothes, firms and tightens skin.
  • Increases skin hydration, leaving skin soft and glowing.
  • Infuses vitamins and rejuvenates skin.

  • Forever Young long-term benefits:
  • Maintains optimal levels of hydration.
  • Rebuilds cells.
  • Promotes cell growth and differentiation.
  • Thickens epidermis, increases granular layer.
  • Improves overall quality of skin.

  • The Forever Young anti-aging formula utilizes five powerful, scientifically advanced active ingredients - epidermal G. F peptide (GFP), epidermal thymic factor (ETF) acetyl pentapeptide, fibronectin biomimetic peptide (FBP), melanstatine DM (MDM) amino acids, and phytocohesine PSP - in concert with an innovative combination of more traditional active ingredients with powerful antiaging properties. These ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to minimize the development and appearance of surface wrinkles, soften facial expression lines, firm and lift the skin, resulting in a younger, healthier complexion.

    The Science Behind

    Forever Young Active Ingredients

    Forever Young anti-ageing formula is based on scientifically advanced peptides and phytosterols combined with innovative botanical blends. Its active ingredients and high-tech delivery systems address the causes of ageing skin inside the epidermis towards the dermis, where collagen fibers boosting skin elasticity develop.

  • G.F. peptide (GFP)
  • thymophytane S (ETF)
  • The well-balanced combination of biomimetic peptides and beta-phytosterol rejuvenates cells through increased hydration, cell cohesion, keratin formation. It reduces the visibility of skin pigmentation.


    This latest scientific development in peptide sequencing increases the formation of undamaged, stable and homogeneous collagen which makes up 75% of skin proteins, providing structure and firmness. It stimulates gene expression thanks to the presence of a specific ligand which leads to a specific receptor on the target cell. The innovative, intelligent targeted delivery system is ten times more efficient in terms of cell and skin penetration.

  • smoother skin with a softer touch.
  • improved elasticity and firmness.
  • reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • overall younger-looking skin.

    This botanical and biotechnological complex is a highly effective anti-oxidant and skin moisturizer. It contains protein peptides, amino-acids, nucleic acids, vitamins that make up the main components of natural moisture factors. The amino-acid and nucleic acids are easily absorbed, nourish the skin and lead to cell proliferation and collagen synthesis. Lipids and essential nutrients render the skin soft, elastic, and well hydrated.

  • reinforces skin metabolism.
  • reduces wrinkle visibility and dryness common in ageing skin.
  • softens the skin.
  • improves elasticity.

    short hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and kaempherol. This hyaluronidase inhibitor enhances penetration into deeper layers of the epidermis. HA significantly improves water retention, increases skin elasticity and is an important agent in tissue repair, cell proliferation and differentiation. This new, scientific combination promotes the restoration of skin firmness, moisture and elasticity.

    Neomatrix Biofunctional – an advanced pentapeptide linked to dermal remodeling response and wrinkle repair. Helps skin improve fibroblast strength – young cells have better capacities to remodel the matrix.


    In–Salon and Spa Treatment Overview

    Step 1 - Purifying Gel: This oil-alcohol-free Purifying Gel relies on natural, active ingredients such as saponaria and quillaja extracts to gently, yet thoroughly, cleanse the skin and remove makeup, environmental pollutants and oily residue. The tannin-rich formula tightens skin and triggers the firming process from the very first application.

    Step 2 - Infra-Peel Lotion: Based on a rich combination of 8% alphahydroxyl acids, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and natural soaps quillaja and saponaria, the exfoliating Infra-Peel Lotion prepares the skin for the peeling process. The unique formula opens up pores to ensure adequate absorption of the active ingredients in the following steps.

    Step 3 - Red Wine Peel: Alpha-hydroxyl acid and an innovative combination of melanin-blocking, lightening agents, vitamins and natural plant extracts remove dull, lifeless skin for a light, radiant glow. The advanced formula stimulates blood flow, thereby enriching cells with oxygen to rebuild collagen and elastin for increased elasticity and radiance



    Step 3 - Forte Peel: A combination of especially effective ingredients such as glycolic, lactic and tartaric acids accelerates exfoliation and cell renewal, while Artemia Salina plankton’s special regenerative and skin-enhancing properties protect against DNA and UV damage and photo-ageing. With improved collagen and elastin synthesis, skin texture is improved and the appearance of wrinkles is minimized. The Forte Peel revitalizes the skin, leaving it smooth and youthfully pristine. *The Forever Young Forte Peel was developed with the intention of replacing the product line’s peel – Red Wine Peel, when skin’s condition requires it.

    Step 4 - Regenerating Under Mask: This biological, regenerating Under Mask contains goat, wheat and almond-derived milks and is enriched with phytosterols and growth factors that firm, tighten, moisturize and nourish the skin. The innovative combination of ingredients increases skin cell metabolic activity, infuses moisture and creates pressure to fill wrinkles from within. The Under Mask furthers the formation of a healthy hydro-lipid film. 

    Step 5 - Bio-lifting Powder & Bio-Firming Serum: Bio-Firming Serum and Bio-lifting Powder / Bio- Firming Serum boost tissue renewal and restore biochemical skin properties. The innovative 2-part formula was designed for simultaneous use to support the peeling process within the skin and ensure multiple anti-ageing benefits: a longlasting tightening effect, blurred wrinkles and strengthened skin defense mechanisms. The skin feels and looks strongly invigorated.

    Step 6a - Radiance Moisturizing Mask:This non-oily, transparent Radiance Moisturizing Mask provides maximum hydration, saturating skin with vitamins A, C, K, and beta-carotene for effective antioxidant photo-protection. Five state-of-the-art, concentrated biomimetic peptides - epidermal thymic factor (ETF), acetyl pentapeptide-1, G.F. peptide, fibronectin biomimetic peptide, dermostatyl (DM), and phytocohesine (PSP) protect against and blur away signs of ageing while hydrating, blemishing skin melanin discoloration and increasing skin volume.

    Step 6b - Active Firming Algae Mask: This innovative Active Firming Algae Mask enhances cell vitality and the renewal of firming tissues while balancing epidermal moisture. The advanced formula features Spirulina seaweed with optimal levels of powerful amino acids and proteins for fresh, supple and younger looking skin.

    Step 7 - Total Renewal Serum: This advanced, 80% concentrated, moisturizing serum penetrates the skin down to the cellular level for a long-lasting effect. The innovative formula features powerful active ingredients - epidermal thymic factor (ETF), acetyl pentapeptide-1, G.F. peptide - that stimulate epidermal growth and rejuvenation. Glycerin gently moisturizes the skin while polysilicone-11 fills wrinkles and instantly smoothes them, making the skin appear more voluminous.

    Step 8 - Hydra-Protective Day Cream SPF 25: Formulated to deliver long-lasting hydration and high-level protection without clogging skin pores, the Hydra-Protective Day Cream is a unique combination of high SPF, UVA/UVB filters and advanced cellular-level skin rebuilders. Powerful active ingredients including epidermal thymic factor (ETF), acetyl pentapeptide-1 and G.F. peptide boost tissue renewal and restoration of the skin’s biomechanical properties.