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High-performance brightening depigmenting approach designed to recapture the glowing luminosity of youthful skin and bring out a translucent radiance.

Acting on, controlling and downregulating all phases and expressions of melanin production, Illustrious treats skin discolorations and pigmentation caused by hormonal changes, post acne blemishes, environmental factors, UV exposure, and the natural process of ageing.

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▸ Illustrious – Flawless skin whitening! ▸ Benefits ▸ Melanin Management ▸ In–Salon and Spa Treatment Overview

Illustrious – Flawless skin whitening!

ILLUSTRIOUS leads to visible whitening from first application, revealing an illuminated, firmer, smoother, and even toned skin maintained over time through following a carefully designed home care regimen.

Illustrious - Benefits

The series main focus is on providing customized solutions to an array of adverse skin manifestations. BioPhyto is suitable for all skin types, and it addresses the following conditions:

  • Suitable for all skin tones and types
  • Unique lightweight formulas
  • Broad spectrum SPF
  • paraben free
  • petrolatum free
  • propylene glycol free
  • SLS free
  • silicone free (except for Absolute Bright)

  • Melanin Management

    Illustrious focuses on 4 pathways to depigmentation and whitening:
  • Inhibition of tyrosinase.
  • Inhibition of melanin transfer
  • Absorption of melanin pigment
  • Degradation of melanin

  • 1. Tyrosinase suppression inhibits melanin production

    Active Ingredients:

    Whitening peptide (oligopeptide 68)

    Prevents tyrosinase hyperactivity in early stages. Competes with TGF-b receptor for optimal whitening efficacy, preventing the formation of key enzymes TRP-1 & TRP-2 involved in pigmentation and resulting in the inhibition of melanin synthesis.

    Clinical evaluation of skin color

    Whitening peptide induces significant skin lightening on pigmented spot after only 4 weeks.

    Alga White (Ascophyllum nodosum)

    Extract of brown alga with proven skin lightening attributes. Inhibits melanin synthesis via inhibition of endothelin and tyrosinase. Protects cell membranes against lipid peroxidation. Protects against free radicals damage, limiting oxidation of melanin and therefore decreases coloration of dark spots (pigmentation). Unifies and smoothes, leaving the skin brighter and more luminous.


    Curcumin extract (Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane)

    proven natural alternative to hydroquinone. Inhibits tyrosinase, has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pigmentation.

    A two-level study - a path test and a clinical trial compares the efficacy of 0.25% curcumin extract against 4 % hydroquinone.

    The results demonstrate that 0.25% curcumin extract is as effective, but safe!!

    Comparing the depigmenting efficay of 0.25% Tetrahydrocurcumin cream vs 4% Hydroquinone


    Chilean boldo tree extract (Diacetyl boldine)

    inhibits tyrosinase by stabilizing it in its inactive form, preventing pigmentation and UV induced melanin synthesis.
    Numerous biological responses involve Ca+2 influx as an intracellular messenger. In the normal mechanism of UV induced melanin synthesis, by α-MSH (Melanin Stimulating Hormone), Ca+2 plays an important role.
    It has been shown that calcium fluxes are related to α and ß adrenergic receptors, also related to α-MSH and melanin synthesis.
    Chilean boldo tree extract, the lightening active, is reported to have antagonist properties to α and ß adrenergic receptors and interfere with calcium influx. These processes down-regulate melanogenesis, reducing melanin synthesis. Epidermal pigmentation is decreased.


    Table: Changes (%) in B16 cell melanin contents after 48 hours of incubation under exposure to kojic acid (KA) or diacetyl boldine (DAB) at various concentrations. (Mean values for n = 4 assays)

    The results obtained with Chilean boldo tree extract showed a marked decrease in melanin production over 48 hours.The decrease was dose-dependent and equivalent to -27% for the lowest concentration (0.001%). A 69% decrease in melanogenesis was obtained with the highest concentration, 37 ppm, equivalent to 3.7% of the active.


    Vitamin C complex – (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbic acid)

    Stable form of water and oil based vitamin C with immediate and prolonged action. Antioxidant properties, fights free radicals responsible for darkening the skin. Reduces production of eumelanin, increases production of pheomelanin, and promotes collagen synthesis.

    Phytic acid

    plant derived potent antioxidant active with brightening effect.
    Inhibits the enzymatic transformation of tyrosine into melanin, restoring natural radiance to skin. Hinders interference of iron and copper in the production of melanin, acting as a melanin formation blocker.


    2. Melanin Transfer Inhibition – inhibiting keratinocyte– melanocyte interactions

    Pigmentation results in part from the transfer of melanized melanosomes synthesized by melanocytes to neighboring keratinocytes.

    Active Ingredients:

    Whitening complex (hexylresorcinol, caprylic, caproic and capric acids)

    a new generation of safe whitening compounds for the reduction of pigmentation, based on resorcinol derivative and fatty acids.

    The whitening action is threefold:

  • interferes in the transcription of the tyrosinase or glycosilation enzyme and prevents its absorption in the melanosome before the melanin synthesis.
  • inhibits enzymatic activities, as a competitive inhibitor of tyrosinase during melanin synthesis.
  • inhibits transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes and promotes light peel thanks to the fatty acids activity after melanin synthesis.

  • Mechanism of action




    Vitamin B3 inhibits melanosomes transfer, promoting even, and uniform brightening.

    An all in one ingredient


    3. Melanin Absorption – fr om upper skin la yers

    Active Ingredients: 

    Absorbing agent (aluminum silicate)

    Absorbs and discharges excessive melanin. In-vivo test shows an improvement in spot color after treatment with the absorbing agent.

    4. Melanin Degradation – discoloration and reduced visibility of pigmentation

    Active Ingredients: 

    Carbon C oxide complex (ascorbic acid, sodium carbonate)

    Based on Nahcolite mineral which contains soft carbonate and pure vitamin C - acts as a brightening active by triggering oxygen supply to the cells and promoting better blood circulation. A unique system releases CO2 in-sito, to ensure active vitamin C penetration for maximal activity.

    The lightening reaction occurs by inhibition of tyrosinase synthesis, promoting immediate whitening.


    Alga White (Ascophyllum nodosum)

    extract of brown alga with proven skin lightening attributes, protects cell membranes against lipid peroxidation.
    Protects against free radicals, limiting oxidation of melanin and therefore decreases coloration of dark spots (pigmentation). Unifies and smoothes, leaving the skin brighter and more luminous.



    Promotes melanin degradation and slows down the process of melanin accumulation, leading to visible results. Anti-inflammatory active, penetrates the skin barrier and boosts anti ageing activity. Protects cells against oxidative damage associated with the effects of free radicals and UV radiation.


    Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice)

    strong whitening, antioxidant and inflammatory properties.


    Mineral complex

    (magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, aluminum silicate) whitening, protecting and re-mineralizing properties.


    Blue marine

    Mineral based on color brightening technology, acts as color filter to achieve a whiter, brighter, eventoned skin appearance. Supporting actives exfoliating and skin regenerating.


    Retinol and AHA+BHA

    Boosts exfoliation and cell renewal. Reduces visibility of discoloration and uneven tone. Restores radiance, improves texture for a rejuvenated and radiant appearance.


    Hyaluronic acid

    Moisturizing active acting as inflammation reduction agent. Plumps up skin from within, helping reduce visibility of spots.


    In–Salon and Spa Treatment Overview

    Step 1 - Micellar Water: Submicronized micelle capsules work like a magnet, attracting and removing impurities and makeup. When in contact with skin, the micelle capsules break down releasing mild surfactants that allow quick, effortless, safe, non irritating use on the eye area as well.
    Contains moisturizers and soothing agents for added comfort. Has direct impact on bringing the skin’s pH back into balance and readies the skin for peeling. No-rinse formula.

    Step 2A - Peel Powder & Step 2B - Peel Activator: A twofold action formula accelerates metabolism for increased oxygen supply and brightens instantly. Neutralizes free radicals leading to pigmentation, inhibits tyrosinase activity and PIH. Encapsulated retinol in reaction with vitamin C brightens, boosts cell renewal and synthesis of high quality collagen and elastin fibers. Papain breaks down intracellular adhesion, enabling deep penetration and stimulating cell turnover. Kojic acid promotes uniform brightening and even tone. A 4.6 pH level ensures efficient brightening without irritating the skin or triggering melanin activity.

    Step 3 - Hydro Fusion: Fresh, non-occlusive ultra-light formula for immediate brightening results! Botanical actives soothe and cool instantly after peeling. The oligosaccharide hydrates, replenishing the water reservoir and reducing TEWL while improving the lipid barrier function. Stimulates dull skin by activating microcirculation and boosting cellular activity. Re-mineralizes to restores radiance and vitality, leaving the skin brighter and more toned.

    Step 4 - Mask:Intense marine blue resurfacing mask with highly concentrated active ingredients. Significantly reduces dark spots, promoting a uniform appearance. The mineral complex speeds up the whitening process. The marine blue mineral based on color science and optical brightener technology enhances a pure white skin tone. Has calming, anti inflammatory properties and neutralizes free radicals. The osmotic process occurring when applied on top of Hydro Fusion allows optimal penetration of the active ingredients.

    Step 5 - Algae Mask: Illumines instantly, promoting even-toned brightening and stimulating collagen production for reduced visibility of wrinkles. Polysaccharides in the algae improve the skin barrier function and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Has a soothing effect on skin.

    Step 6 - Serum: Lightweight, easily absorbed, rich in polysaccharides, brightens and moisturizes the skin. With anti oxidative and anti ageing properties, it reduces and prevents dark spots, leaving the skin even toned and supple.

    Step 7 - Day Cream SPF50: Rich in photo-protective agents, enhances brightness and luminosity. Reduces pigmentation caused by environmental damage, and simultaneously prevents new dark spots from forming. New sunfilters technology boosts broad spectrum UVA+UVB defense. Hyaluronic acid in the formula provides ample hydration while sheen reflectors enhance radiance.