Peptides for Skin

The world of cosmetics has undergone a revolution over the past few years, started by the development of highly important ingredients – bio mimetic peptides.

Peptides are amino acids compounds responsible for the building of proteins in our skin. Luckily they can be mimicked artificially and they produce results very much alike the natural proteins, and quite often they stimulate the skin to start producing them anew.

The “old” cosmetics focused on products that penetrated only the uppermost skin layer. Today, due to advanced technologies, we are able to infuse the deeper skin layer with peptides and additional active ingredients and thus affect the balance and intensify desired activities that have been weakened by age.

Peptides for Skin

What peptides should you look for in skin care products?

  • For oily skin, Marine C Thiopeptide peptide is recommended. It affects the sebaceous gland and prevents the formation of black and white heads. This kind of peptide is found in COMODEX products which answer the needs of oily and/or acneic skin.
  • For hyper pigmented skin it to apply a complex of brightening peptides –Whitening Peptide is recommended. It balances melanin cells activity, and together with actives from the ILLUSTRIOUS line helps control melanin secretion mechanism.
  • For mature skin peptides that boost collagen formation, powerful hyaluronic acids and proteoglycans – Penta Peptide – as in the FOREVER YOUNG line are recommended. They treat signs of ageing and prevent their appearance.
  • For sagging skin a complex of tightening peptides from the Château de Beaute line - 3D Peptide Complexis recommended. It boosts the formation of 6 collagen types responsible for skin tightness.
  • For tired, dull, lackluster skin anti-toxins peptides are recommended in order to stimulate anti oxidative enzymes activity. BIOPHYTO, UNRTESS and MUSE lines contain the purifying peptide complex Anti Toxins Peptide
  • For skin with deep expression lines, Botox-like peptides are recommended. They reduce secretion of acetylcholine from nerve ends towards the muscles that cause contractions. Argilerine Peptide from the Forever Young line.

There are so many peptides contributing to the rehabilitation and improvement of our skin, but the important thing is to make sure the skin care products you choose incorporate them and use smart delivery technology to make them penetrate into the depth of the skin layers.

Why add peptides to skin care products if they already exist in our bodies?

The answer is easy: Around the age of 30 natural peptides activity gradually decreases, and as a result the functioning of various systems in the skin is slowed down. The skin ages, wrinkles, becomes saggy and loses its glow and vitality. Quality skin care products can significantly help balance, rehabilitate and renew with the help of peptides and advanced technologies that preserve the peptides’ active state.

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